La Caballera de Poinciana™

La Caballera de Poinciana™

Poinciana @ Home

Darhlene Zeanwick is a specialist in selling existing homes in the southwest area of Kissimmee, an area known as Poinciana, Florida.  If you call Poinciana home, you can count on this network to provide the most Internet-saavy real estate professional specializing in Poinciana.  Some of the many qualifications and services you get with Poinciana Home . . .

Web Bi-lingualism ~ Can the agent speak more than one language?  English?  Spanish?  Does the agent’s web site translate your property’s description to Spanish?

Licensed ~ Is the agent licensed?  Can the agent prove it?

Quality Service ~ Can the agent provide a written promise of quality in marketing?

More then Just the MLS ~ The Multiple Listing Service is the foundation of real estate in Florida.  Does the agent give you that?  Does the agent offer more than just MLS services?

First-rate Status on ~ Has the agent locked into the National Realtors® Association “Enhanced Showcase Listings” program?  Does the agent use “Virtual Tours” and many photos to help get your property noticed on the Internet?

Web Broadcasting ~ Does the agent offer at least 20 other popular web sites to market your home throughout the world?

Your Own Home Page ~ Will the agent give you your very own “home page” to market your home?

Local Newsletter ~ Does the agent distribute a preferred-customer newsletter written for your community?

Outstanding Home Brochures ~ It’s a fact: Every property is unique.  Likewise, every property should be described uniquely.  Do the agent’s marketing materials emphasize qualities and value-added?

No “Combination” Lockboxes Here ~ Are you 100% sure your home is secure?  Try this test: Google “FREC.”  Click on “Verify a License.” Pick a name, then call your agent’s broker.  Ask for the combination, and you’ll know why Your Poinciana Realtor offers only GE electronic security lockboxes.

Virtual Tours & Podcasts ~ Does the agent own their own web site specializing in the marketing of Poinciana homes and land?  Does that site support slide shows, virtual tours, and podcasts?

Attractive Signage ~ Does the agent offer rust-free, commercial-grade signage with the agent’s website address clearly displayed, so buyers never have to work hard to find information on your home?

Familiarity with Market ~ Is the agent familiar enough with Poinciana to describe its layout, neigbor­hoods, and rules to prospective buyers?

Specialization in Market ~ Does the agent specialize in Poinciana?  Does the agent own a home in Poinciana?

University-educated ~ Is the agent a graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university?

Regular Activity Reports ~ Will the agent provide regular reports on activities and statistics?

Active Community Service ~ Does the agent actively participate or volunteer in giving back to the community, such as the Children’s Miracle Network or other nonprofit organization?

Closing Calendar & Presence ~ It’s not selling if you’re not closing.  Will the agent provide you with a closing calendar?  Of more importance, will your agent be there at closing?  

Trial Period ~ Hate the idea of getting into a 6-month contract?  Can you get a 30-day one?

Selling Poinciana Everyday – Como Ningún Otro.”  ™

Poinciana . . . live, work, play.

Special Skills & Background:

  • Cyberspace Specialist – Unbeatable technology expertise.  Over 25 years experience in all things PC, especially the industry’s most popular software, programming, creation of user-friendly manuals and procedures, and among the original castmembers of former WordPerfect Corporation’s Beta Testing program. 
  • Passed Florida Real Estate Licensing Exam on First Test.  2003.
  • Over a decade of land and business development in Virginia.
  • Graduate with both Major & Minor from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. 1983.
  • A proud member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors, and the Osceola County Association of Realtors (Local chapter of the National Association of Realtors.)
  • The only real estate agent owning, living, specializing in, and speaking Spanish in Poinciana.


What customers have said . . .

  • “You have done for me . . . more . . . than Watson has done in 6 months.”  05/08/07.  On home cited for “tall grass” by the local homeowner’s association while under contract “For Sale” with Watson.
  • “Yes, I discussed this with Angie and I must say that I agree that you certainly earned your full commission on this one.  Thank you very much for taking such good care of Angie . . .  Thank You Again,   JackZ.”   ~ 01/22/07. Email from Virginia agent for a relocation customer.
  • “2006 was a dramatic year to me.  Working with you was one of unforgettable memory. Your passion and profession had impressed me greatly.” ~ 12/29/2006. Home sold in less than 30 days.

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